Last month we wrote about the dangers of posting information regarding a personal injury case on social media. This caused us to think about the dramatic rise in libel cases since the advent of social media. Just like an insurance adjuster could use your social media content to their advantage, an individual or corporation could use your content to prove defamation and libel. Fortunately, a little-known personal injury insurance workaround could protect you from libel. Let’s explore how.

It Starts With Homeowners Insurance

If you have a homeowners insurance policy, you may choose to purchase a personal injury endorsement to your policy. This provides additional legal protection in the event that someone becomes injured on your property. Essentially, this rider insures you from personal liability if someone takes out a personal injury claim against you.

How Does It Relate To Defamation?

In regards to slander and libel, your additional personal injury endorsement may also protect your speech and writing if done in your own home if the libel or slander was unintentional. For example, say you tell a disparaging (but true) story about a colleague at a party you are hosting at your house. Though you thought you were speaking privately with another guest, the colleague overheard the conversation and decides to sue you for slander. Since the remarks were made on your property and were not intended to damage your colleague’s career, you would likely be protected by your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Consider Purchasing An Umbrella Liability Policy

On top of your homeowner’s policy and personal injury endorsement, you may also choose to further protect yourself by purchasing what is known as an umbrella liability policy. It simply provides more coverage (at a higher premium, obviously) for you when unfortunate things happen in your home. An umbrella policy can prevent you from being held personally liable for many kinds of accidents, injuries, defamation, invasion of privacy, and other events.

Get Expert Advice

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