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When a pedestrian walks down the street in Orange County, they shouldn’t have to worry about whether the sidewalk is safe. Unfortunately, some sidewalk owners fail to maintain their property, which can ultimately result in a pedestrian becoming seriously injured as a result of their negligence. If you are the victim of a sidewalk accident in Winter Garden or throughout Orange County, it is important to consider your legal options. Cressman Law Firm, P.A. can assess your situation and determine whether you may be eligible for compensation. For an experienced and compassionate attorney that you can trust, contact Cressman Law Firm, P.A. today.

Causes of Sidewalk Accidents

Sidewalk accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. With that said, they generally all lead back to the concept that the owner of the sidewalk failed to make sure there were no hazards present. Some of the dangerous conditions that may result in a sidewalk accident include the following:

  • Standing water
  • Surface issues
  • Hazardous materials
  • Loose debris
  • Potholes

Sidewalk Owner Liability

Just like any other property owner, the owner of a sidewalk is required to maintain their property so no one gets hurt. If a sidewalk owner fails to fix an issue that arises, a pedestrian can become seriously injured. One of the challenges of any premises liability case is that you, the victim, are required to determine who the negligent property owner is. This can be somewhat complicated in sidewalk accident cases. Usually, the owner of the sidewalk is the same party that owns the adjacent building. If the municipality owns the sidewalk, your case may require you to file a Notice of Claim.

Recovering Damages

If you have been seriously injured in a sidewalk accident case, you should consider your legal options, as you may be entitled to significant compensation. This compensation is referred to as damages. If you can prove that the property owner knew or should have reasonably known about the hazardous conditions and did not fix it, you may be entitled to both economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, the need to hire in-home care, and more. Noneconomic damages can include emotional distress, pain and suffering, and loss of independence.

Statute of Limitations

When you make the decision to bring a personal injury claim against a negligent party, it is important to act quickly because you must meet a filing deadline that is known as the statute of limitations. The state of Florida requires that all personal injury cases are filed no later than four years from the date of the accident. If you have to bring a claim against a municipality, you must file a Notice of Claim that lets them know you plan to take action. These deadlines are often much shorter so it is important to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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Being seriously injured in a sidewalk accident can have lasting physical, emotional, and financial burdens on your life. If you have been seriously injured in a sidewalk accident, it is important that you speak with an attorney as soon as you can regarding a possible claim. The legal team at Cressman Law Firm, P.A. has years of experience representing clients who have been injured by the negligence of others. For compassionate legal representation when you need it most, contact Cressman Law Firm, P.A. for a free consultation to discuss your matter with our experienced legal team.