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Swimming Pool Accident Attorney in Winter Garden, FL

In such a hot and humid state like Florida, many people own swimming pools and enjoy using them as a fun way to escape the heat. Unfortunately, swimming pools pose a risk for accidental drowning, not to mention injuries that can occur on wet pool decks if people aren’t careful or small children are left unsupervised. If you or your child has sustained an injury due to a swimming pool accident, you may have the grounds for a premises liability claim against the property owners if it is determined that they could have prevented the accident through appropriate safety measures. With the help of Cressman Law Firm, P.A., you may be able to collect significant compensation for the burdens you have faced. Contact our firm today for compassionate legal representation when you need it most.

Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

Central Florida is home to thousands of swimming pools. They can be in residential areas, municipal pools, and are even widely available at the water parks in our area. As much fun as swimming pools can be, it is important that safety precautions are taken because when accidents happen, they are often very serious. There are a variety of ways that a swimming pool accident can occur. Some of the swimming pool accidents that our firm commonly sees include the following:

  • Diving board injuries
  • Drowning
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Trip and fall injuries
  • Waterpark injuries

Attractive Nuisance Laws

Swimming pools are considered an “attractive nuisance” under state laws, meaning they are inviting to neighbors, kids, and trespassers. Because of this categorization, pools must be secured and monitored. Fences with locking gates, signs with safety warnings, and other precautions may be necessary to discourage trespassing and/or unsafe swimming pool behaviors. A failure to provide these features could result in the property owner’s being liable for any injuries sustained on their property.

Recovering Compensation

After being seriously injured in a swimming pool accident, you may be subject to serious physical, emotional, and financial burdens. With the help of an experienced attorney at Cressman Law Firm, P.A., you may be able to recover compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, and the need to hire in-home care. Noneconomic damages may include loss of enjoyment of life, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more.

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When it comes to sensitive cases such like these where someone is hurt but not necessarily because someone intended to do harm, it is imperative that you retain a personal injury attorney with extensive experience and knowledge of the law. Attorney Mark Cressman has spent 25 years litigating and defending premises liability and personal injury cases and is intimately aware of what needs to happen to prove negligence on the part of the other parties involved. If you have been seriously injured in an Orange County swimming pool accident, you can count on the legal team at Cressman Law Firm, P.A. today. Contact us for a free initial consultation.