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Mark P. Cressman

Attorney at Law

My previous experiences have made my flourishing personal injury law practice what it is today. After graduating from law school in 1994, I first began working with medical malpractice lawsuits, which introduced me to the colliding world of healthcare, insurance, and the law. I was representing those that were being sued, such as doctors and other healthcare professionals, but I quickly realized that I wanted to represent the people injured in these matters. Since then, I have expanded my practice to include almost every area of personal injury, such as wrongful death, car accidents, premises liability, and construction accidents.

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I give each of my clients my personal cell phone number because you may have a question or concern outside of business hours. Not every personal injury case in Winter Garden, Florida is the same. I will work with you to discuss your situation in detail so I can create a tailored strategy for your case.


For more than 25 years, I have worked with personal injury clients that are going through situations very similar to yours. This experience adds to my knowledge every day. Through my previous clients, I have acquired a large library of strategies and plans of action that I can apply and adapt to your case.

Let Me Do the Heavy Lifting

After an injury, you need to focus on your health so you can recover. In the meantime, I will examine your case and take care of the complex, tedious legal proceedings on your behalf, though there will never be a decision made without your knowledge because only you know what's best for your circumstances.


Look Toward a Brighter Future, Today

Getting involved in an accident and suffering an injury can do a lot of damage to your physical, emotional, and especially your financial health. The journey to fighting for compensation for your injuries can seem never-ending, and you may want to give up. As an experienced, optimistic personal injury attorney, I am here to tell you that your fight doesn't have to end there.

Auto accidents can not only do damage to your body but also your vehicle. If you were in a boating, car, motorcycle, pedestrian, truck, or even a ridesharing or mass transit accident, I will be there for you as your guide to seeking compensation for your medical and car damage repair costs.

During your free initial consultation at my office in Winter Garden, Florida, you will get to know me as a person, attorney, and partner and I'll use this as an opportunity to evaluate your case and go over your options for the next steps so you can stop worrying about the legalities and take time to relax.

Dealing with an attorney or going to court may be the last thing you want to do, but in order to move on from your accident, you must meet with an attorney. So you can focus on healing, I will do all of the heavy lifting in an effort to earn the largest settlement possible for your case.

Premises liability lawsuits can include elevator, hotel, sidewalk, supermarket, swimming pool, and theme park accidents. No matter how you were injured on commercial property, I'll create a plan to work with each party's insurance company, striving for the most favorable result.

Throughout Winter Garden, Florida and the surrounding communities, I also have extensive experience with construction site accidents, dog bites, and wrongful death. I proudly serve Ocoee, Clermont, Apopka, and any other city surrounding Orlando, Florida. Let me help you work for a better, healthier, and brighter future. Schedule a free consultation with me today.