When people buy products, they expect they will function properly and be safe to use. Typically, this is the case. However, there are some cases in which a defective product is created and it can malfunction. This can be seen if a mistake is made or the usual protocol is not followed during production. When a product malfunctions, it can cause very serious injuries to the people who use them. If a manufacturer is negligent in producing safe products, they may be held responsible for any injuries that happen as a result. This is done through product liability laws. People who become harmed as a result of a defective product should contact an attorney to help their case.

What is Product Liability?

Manufacturers are obligated to produce and sell products that are safe for consumers to use. This obligation is held up by product liability. When the lawful standard of care is not provided by manufacturers during production, product liability exists to hold them responsible for any defective products. This can happen in the event of mistakes or if a manufacturer cuts corners during the production process. Negligent actions can put people at great risk for injuries. Defects are sometimes seen with children’s toys, household appliances, or motor vehicles.

In addition to creating safe products, these laws also require manufacturers to attach a warning label to their products. This is so that consumers are informed of how to use it correctly without harming themselves. This allows them to avoid injuries that can happen from using a product incorrectly. Without these labels, a manufacturer can be held liable for negligence if an injury occurs.

Types of Cases

A person can become injured because of a faulty product in several ways. There are three types of defect cases that are usually seen in court:

  • Design defect: When a product’s design causes injuries because the designer did not take user safety into consideration. The injured party must prove there was a safer and economically feasible design that could have been used instead.
  • Manufacturer defect: If a manufacturer does not follow the correct protocol during production, a product can be defective and injure someone. The injured party must prove that the protocol was breached.
  • Failure to warn: When a company does not provide warning labels for products that can injure someone if it is used improperly. It is important to not get rid of the product because it can be used as evidence in court.


When an injury requires medical attention, different bills and expenses can add up and become difficult to handle. It is because of this that a person who is injured by a defective product may be able to receive compensation for their injuries. If a manufacturer is responsible for these injuries, they may owe the injured this compensation to cover any expenses related to the accident.

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