Committed Pedestrian Accidents Lawyer Representing Winter Garden & Orlando Personal Injury Victims

pedestrians crossing the street in front of a carThe unfortunate truth all Floridians must face is that accidents are common and occur frequency. In fact, Florida is one of the most dangerous states for pedestrian travelers, with several major metropolises ranking within the top ten in the nation. If you have suffered an injury as a pedestrian — whether struck by a car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, or other vehicle — Cressman Law Firm, P.A. will help you take the appropriate steps necessary for mounting a successful personal injury case.

Comparative Fault in Pedestrian Accidents

Both pedestrians and drivers have the “right of way” on Florida roads, assuming each follows all laws. Cars are required to follow all laws, as are pedestrians. For example, a car driver must always exercise reasonable care and do everything in their power to avoid causing harm to others. Likewise, pedestrians must also exercise caution. This means crossing streets at walkways, looking both ways before crossing, and waiting for a safe time to cross. If it is determined that a pedestrian contributed to an accident, they may be subject to comparative fault and only able to collect a percentage of damages.

What to Do if You are the Victim of a Pedestrian Accident

Of course, if you are injured as a pedestrian, you should always put your personal health first and seek the medical care you need first and foremost. That said, if you are physically able, you should collect as much information from the individual who caused or contributed to the accident as possible before leaving the scene. This includes personal identifying information, insurance particulars, license plate numbers, and anything else that could aid in proving your side of the story. You should also preserve any materials that could aid in your defense, such as damaged clothing and photographs of the scene.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

Our main goal following a pedestrian accident is holding the responsible party accountable. We will use our array of experience and resources to secure financial compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and potentially pain and suffering, depending on the severity of your injuries and the situation. You are not alone and do not have to navigate this difficult time by yourself. We are here to help and support you.

Cressman Law Firm, P.A. helps victims of pedestrian accidents secure compensation in Winter Garden and throughout central Florida. Contact our friendly office today at (407) 877-7317 to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated personal injury attorney.