Effective Burn Injury Attorney Securing Compensation For Personal Injury Clients in Winter Garden & Central Florida

firefighters fighting massive fireIf you have suffered a severe burn injury, you are likely daunted by the upcoming recovery process and trying to wrap your mind around what has happened to you. At Cressman Law Firm, P.A. we are extremely sympathetic of your situation and want to do everything we can to help you secure the compensation you’ll need to finance your medical care now and in the future. Through doing this, we will also be able to hold those responsible for your accident accountable and discourage this from happening to others.

Defining Catastrophic Burn Injuries

In order to be considered catastrophic and therefore eligible for the maximum amount of compensation, a burn injury must be “second-degree or third-degree burns of 25 percent or more of the total body surface or third-degree burns of 5 percent or more to the face and hands” according to Florida state law. If this is the case for your injuries, we will be able to seek more compensation than you might think, as well as sue for pain and suffering.

Caring for You Now & Later in Life

Burn injuries typically require extensive medical care, including multiple surgeries and skin grafts. There is also a high potential for infections. Because of the extent of the care you will need, it is crucial for us to work with you and your medical professionals to determine just how much financial support you will need in the present and in future years. We pride ourselves in helping our clients ask for what they truly need and then aggressively fight to ensure that is what they receive.

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