Successful Catastrophic Injuries Attorney Securing Compensation for Winter Garden & Central Florida Personal Injury Victims

ambulance responding to call after catastrophic injurySome injuries are so severe that they are defined as “catastrophic” under the law. Because of the significant and oftentimes permanent impacts of these injuries on the overall quality of someone’s life, Florida law lets victims to collect significantly more in financial damages in these personal injury cases. Cressman Law Firm, P.A. has extensive experience providing legal counsel to people who have unfortunately suffered catastrophic injuries and will fight aggressively on your behalf to collect the compensation you need and deserve.

Defining Catastrophic Injuries

There are many injuries that are drastic enough to be considered catastrophic but are typically categorized by the fact that their effects will be life altering and/or permanent. Examples of injuries that are usually considered catastrophic include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of senses, such as vision or hearing
  • Loss of limbs or amputations
  • Paralyzation or immobility
  • Brain, spinal cord, or nerve injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Loss or impairment of cognitive ability
  • Sterilization or loss of reproductive ability

Traumatic Brain Injury

If you or a loved one has suffered traumatic brain injury, you will likely need lifelong assistance in the form of medical and personal care. Things you used to be able to do easily by yourself may no longer be possible. We can ensure that you collect the correct amount of compensation you need to not only recover from the initial injury but also for as many years as you need help.

Spinal Cord Injury

The most common effects of spinal cord injuries include partial or full paralysis and other mobility restrictions. Tragically, these types of injuries can happen in a split second and leave you permanently hindered physically. If you have suffered a spinal cord injury — whether through a vehicle, boating, recreational, sporting, or medical accident — Cressman Law Firm, P.A. will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you need going forth and hold those responsible for your injury accountable.

Burn Injury

Severe burn injuries are among the most painful and have some of the longest recovery times. You likely will need many expensive and difficult surgeries and skin grafts, which amount to astronomical medical bills. Our firm is committed to providing the legal representation you need to hold the negligent parties responsible and secure the compensation you need to finance your healing. We will also sue for the undue pain and suffering you have experienced during this tragedy.

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After everything you have already been through, you do not need or deserve to suffer through your recovery alone. We are happy to facilitate the entirety of the legal process ahead on your behalf so that you can simply concentrate on healing and learning how to adjust to the new parameters of life following a catastrophic injury.

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