A cautionary tale out of Boca Raton serves as a perfect reminder of why insurance fraud is never a reasonable risk — not that we think you need the reminder anyway. One Florida man decided to stage a personal injury claim in an attempt to collect compensation from a tow truck driver. Unfortunately for the scam artist, the tow truck driver was using a functional dashcam at the time of the incident. Oops.

The Fraudulent Personal Injury Claim

Police arrested Florida resident Mauril Aldophe last month in connection with his poorly planned attempt at committing insurance fraud. According to the police report, Aldophe claimed he was rear-ended by Jared Stante, a tow truck driver, last December. He visited a medical clinic three days after the “accident” and then filed a personal injury claim.

Aldophe first claimed that Stante rear-ended him when he was forced to stop suddenly. However, he wrote on his paperwork that the truck hit him while he was stopped at a red light. Neither version of his story was true.

The So-Called Truck Accident

Footage from the tow truck driver’s dashcam showed a wildly different sequence of events than Aldophe claimed. In it, it is evident that Aldophe suddenly stopped for no apparent reason other than forcing Stante to hit him. Luckily, Stante reacted quickly and did not run into Aldophe’s car. Unwilling to give up on his ruse, Aldophe then pulled forward several feet and backed forcibly into Stante’s truck.

Protect Yourself & Your Assets

Fortunately for Stante, he was using a dashcam at the time of the incident. It seems that dashcams are becoming increasingly necessary in preventing various manipulations of the law. Because of his selfishness, Aldophe is now facing charges of insurance fraud and intentionally hitting another vehicle.

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