Insurance agencies can, and very often do view your social media posts following an accident. When you are filing a claim against an insurance agency, you are essentially telling them their client is responsible for your injuries, and that they must therefore pay. Since the insurance company generally will not want to pay for these damages, they sometimes will look for anything they can in order to prove your claim untrue.

What are insurance companies looking for when they monitor your social media accounts?

Insurance companies are essentially looking for any sort of picture or post that may constitute as proof against your claim. For example, if you claim you broke your leg due to another party’s negligence, but then go and post pictures of you swimming in your pool, this would obviously contradict your previous claim. If the insurance companies see this, then they may use it against you, and you, in turn, may lose your case. It is for this reason that it is usually the best policy to stay away from social media in general when involved in in the middle of filing a claim. However, if you cannot go without posting, you must be very careful about what you say and do online, as there is a chance it may be used against you.

What constitutes compensation following an accident?

Essentially, if you are able to prove the other party’s negligence, then there is a good chance you will win your case. If you post anything on social media that may prove your claim untrue, then it is important to stress that you may ruin your chances of winning the case.

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