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wheelchair in a hospital after medical malpracticePeople visit doctors and other healthcare professionals when they need help getting better and usually, this is a safe choice. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen while we are in their care and we end up hurting worse or in a different way than before. In many cases, this is considered medical malpractice and is grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. Cressman Law Firm, P.A. has helped countless medical malpractice victims hold those persons responsible for their injuries accountable and collect much needed financial compensation.

Defining Medical Malpractice

There is a difference between minor, unintended mistakes at the hands of medical practitioners and major oversights, accidents, or actions that constitute medical malpractice. In order for an injury to be considered medical malpractice, it must be proven that the healthcare professional in question clearly failed to meet the accepted level of standard care. This means that the injury or condition could have been prevented if another or more capable medical employee had been administering your care. Obviously, this is subjective, which is why it is imperative to retain a highly qualified and experienced personal injury attorney for your case.

Common Types of Medical Malpractice Injuries

There are countless accidents and conditions that can occur as a result of medical malpractice, but some that we see often include:

  • Infections contracted due to unclean or unsafe hospital conditions or policies
  • Failure to properly diagnose and treat conditions
  • Failure to prescribe or administer the right drugs or doses
  • Failure to monitor a known & dangerous condition
  • Failure to adhere to all state & federal medical laws, statutes, policies, & procedures
  • Operations on the wrong patient or body part
  • Medical procedures that were unnecessary and/or without the consent of the patient

Get the Compensation You Deserve

If any of the above things has happened to you or you feel that a healthcare professional harmed you in some other way, you likely have a valid medical malpractice claim. We will help you prove your case and collect the compensation you need to account for further medical expenses, lost wages, diminished income-earning potential, and even pain and suffering.

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