Apopka is a medium-sized suburb of Orlando, located in eastern Florida. Approximately 45,000 people call Apopka home. It is a fast-growing city; the population surged from 26,969 in 2000 to 41,542 in 2010. The word “Apopka” is from the Seminole language and means “potato eating place.” In 2012, Forbes named Apopka the “14th Friendliest City in America.”

A Brief History of Apopka

The first documented inhabitants of the area now known as Apopka were the Acuera people, who were members of the Timucua confederation that was decimated by the 1730s by disease brought by white settlers. After that, native Americans forced out of Alabama and Georgia came to the area and formed the Seminole tribe. Unfortunately, they were also forced to leave the area in 1842 with the congressional passing of the Armed Occupation Act. White settlers then established a colony on the land, which was incorporated as a town in 1882.

Apopka Today

These days, Apopka is a pleasant town that is growing rapidly. The construction of expressways and other roads stimulate the economy and provide greater access to popular Florida destinations, such as Orlando and the Disney parks. The city is nicknamed the “Indoor Foliage Capital of the World.” One of the longest-standing mayors in the country served in Apopka; John H. Land held the position from 1949 to 2014.

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